there is still so much that is fair

"Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too small to understand why. But I think Mr. Frodo, I do understand, I know now folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going because they were holding on to something."

lotr meme: five locations [1/5] - The Shire



Everything is better with Legally Blonde quotations.


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Lord of the Rings + scenerygasm (asked by lestreep)

This is no mere Ranger. He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your  a l l e g i a n c e .

This is no mere Ranger. He is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. You owe him your  a l l e g i a n c e .

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Middle-Earth Meme


okay we’ve got lotr memes and hobbit memes and silmarillion memes but i haven’t seen one that includes all three. so i made one.

if you do this, feel free to switch things around or change the numbers.

  • [3] races
  • [5] locations
  • [2] villains
  • [3] heroes
  • [3] deaths
  • [4] couples
  • [6] friendships
  • [8] moments
  • [5] objects
  • [3] colors
  • [7] quotes
  • [5] elves
  • [4] dwarves
  • [3] men
  • [2] hobbits
  • [1] age
  • [5] battles
  • [10] characters

omg they said the title!

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Dear Ringers and Tolkienites,

I’ve just found out through his owner’s Facebook page that Blanco, better known to all of us as Shadowfax, has passed away. He became very ill in late March and after two weeks at a veterinary hospital for horses, he was finally put to sleep. Cynthia, his owner, who loved him dearly, did all she could and was with him when he went. She is in a very difficult place now, having lost her good friend and having to pay for his medical bills. 

I think it’s safe to say that the Tolkien community has been touched by this beautiful boy. He was everything we imagined Shadowfax to be, and a wonderful friend to Cynthia. She has set up a fundraiser to help pay for his treatment bills, as she’s having trouble financially dealing with other issues. If you have anything to spare, please donate to her, out of love and memory for this beautiful horse, who will live on forever in our hearts. 

Rest Easy, Blanco. Thank You. 

[Show Your Love For Shadowfax fundraiser]

[Cynthia Royal’s Facebook]

[Blanco’s Facebook Fan Page]


"Do not fear, young Peregrin Took. You will find your courage."
(Pippin casting himself into the fire to save his friend’s life.)

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Don’t adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. Someone else always has to carry on the story.

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for Mia

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The Beacons of Minas Tirith! The Beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid.


I love the music for this sequence.

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My standards for boys:

  • tall
  • dark hair
  • stubble
  • cute smile
  • love horseback riding
  • unusually long life span
  • speak elvish
  • secretly be the heir to the throne of Gondor
  • Aragorn
  • be Aragorn